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  • What Is Baptism?
    Baptism is a public profession of an inward faith. After surrendering to the lordship of Jesus, our next step of obedience is to get baptized. We believe God has ordained that we fully immerse ourselves in water to represent the reality of our death, burial, and resurrection with Jesus. Furthermore, baptism is as much about the community of Jesus as it is about your confession of Jesus. It’s a celebration of you becoming a part of the family of God and it is our delight to pray for you and love you as our own. (Matt. 10:32-33; Lk. 12:8-9).
    Jesus saves you. Throughout Scripture, baptism is always commanded after someone has believed in Jesus. Luke 23:32-43 assures us that baptism doesn’t save you. The thief on the cross did not have a chance to be baptized and yet Jesus promised to see him in Paradise (Heaven).
    Baptism is a symbol of our death, burial, and resurrection with Jesus (Rom. 6:1-7). We are now dead to our old self and no longer enslaved to sin. The punishment and power of sin is completely buried with Christ. Being raised from the water symbolizes our new life that we have in Christ.